Sport and Culture

Sport, physical activity, Kapa Haka and all Kaupapa Māori are a priority at Tawhero. We love all the joy that sport and kapa haka experiences bring us in all facets of our well-being. We know there is an extensive body of research demonstrating that physical activity and kapa haka improves physical and mental health. We know physical activity and tamariki having access to their language, identity and culture leads to better social outcomes, academic such as happiness and trusting others

Our tamariki thrive in all sports. Access to supports executive function and metacognition and improves academic achievement. Sport outside school hours is FREE at Tawhero as we like there to be no reason why tamariki should not have access to physical activity. Our tamariki get FREE swimming lessons in Year 3 and 4 at the Splash Centre

We play hockey, soccer/football, netball, basketball, touch rugby, volleyball, tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, we do the Weetbix Triathlon, cross country, we participate in all Combined Schools sports such as Rippa Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Basketball and more. Come along and enjoy in all the fun!